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Frequenly Asked Questions


1. What documents do you need to rent a vehicle?

Personal identity card or passport and driver’s license.

2. Do you need a credit card?

A credit card is obligatory when renting a vehicle and it has to be in the name of the vehicle charterer. A safety deposit is taken on the credit card which depends on the category of rented vehicle.

3. What is a credit card deposit?

The credit card deposit is used to charge agreed rental, possible damages, rent extension, subsequent extra services, parking fines, speed penalty punishment or similar and for all other car rental benefits.

4. Insurance

Optima rent d.o.o. uses two types of insurance

The user is liable for damage incurred on the vehicle up to the franchise level (participation in damage)

The user is not responsible for any damage to the vehicle regardless of who is guilty of the damage. It is also payable depending on the vehicle category to be rented. There is no franchise insurance in this type of insurance if the user complies with the GENERAL CONDITIONS

5. What is a franchise?

The franchise is the user’s responsibility for possible damage to the vehicle (if there is no full insurance). The price of a franchise depends on the category of rented vehicle. The larger vehicle category means a bigger franchise.

6. How can I pay rent?

Rent can be paid with all credit cards (American Express, Diners, Visa, Mastercard), Maestro and cash.


1. What is a car damage / accident procedure?

If you have any damage to the vehicle, you need to contact the lessor and the police to make a police record in order to meet the agreed conditions.

2. Border crossing

When renting a vehicle, the user is obligated to note that the vehicle will be used outside the borders of the Republic of Croatia. If the lessor approves it, then the lessee has the right to use the vehicle beyond the borders. A special fee will be charged for such use of the vehicle and the user is given the GREEN CARD for crossing the border.

3. Is it possible to take a vehicle in one city and leave it in the other?

It is possible to take the vehicle in one and return to another city. This service is called “one way” and it is charged per tariff. For more information about rates please send an inquiry.

4. Can more people drive a rented vehicle?

More people can be placed on a lease agreement as drivers. When taking over the vehicle, all drivers must give a driver’s license and meet rental conditions.

5. What if the plane I'm arriving with lands late in the evening after working hours?

In case we have a confirmed reservation in time after working hours, some of the employees are present to release the vehicle. In case of late arrival, which implies taking the vehicle after working hours, a fee for taking the vehicle after working hours is charged according to the tariff. When booking, it is essential that you always provide us with the exact flight number you are arriving with.

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